Carbonia puts the vast experience and the prestigious professional background of its partners and employees at the service of companies and investors willing to benefit from the advantages of corporate litigation transactions. To that effect:

  • We actively promote in the identification and analysis of investment opportunities: complex portfolios of rights derived from a wide range of legal proceedings – all kinds of litigation (civil, administrative, tax, commercial, etc.) either subject to court or arbitral jurisdiction, domestic and international cases alike.
  • We research and identify co-investors potentially interested in each asset and facilitate the introduction to and relationship with, the owners of cases.
  • We analyse the portfolio of cases and provide highly qualified and personalized legal, financial and strategic advice.
  • We design and implement an array of acquisition structures, adapted to each transaction and tailored to the parties’ specific investment interests and criteria.
  • We co-invest along with investors with different profiles (investment funds, institutional investors, investors specialized in this sector, family offices, etc.)
  • Once the investment has been made, we provide the parties with an innovative investment supervision by carrying out a permanent, exhaustive and active monitoring of the litigation portfolios. We rely on advanced proprietary systems developed by Carbonia; thereby offering the parties a detailed technical analysis and customized advice that provide true added value to the investment.