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Carbonia Investments is a group founded in 2018 that was born as an Operating Partner of the US fund Fortress with the aim of offering innovative equity and financing alternatives to companies and financial institutions.

Since 2018 Carbonia has become a leading company in Spain and Europe in the different areas in which it operates, being currently one of the groups with the greatest investment and growth potential.

The combination of innovative products, services and structures designed to provide solvency, coverage and financing to its target audiences, together with a unique multidisciplinary team, have made Carbonia a market benchmark.

The first operations of the group were focused on the financing and acquisition of litigation portfolios, being the first European company to close the acquisition of large portfolios of Ibex companies.

Since then, Carbonia, as a group, has expanded its activities and now presents a broader portfolio of services without losing what from the beginning have been its defining features in the market, such as the structuring of innovative operations, providing, with its co-investors, the necessary resources for its execution.

Carbonia has an agile and highly specialized structure, with a deep knowledge of the activities in which it participates and providing an experience that facilitates the execution of the projects.


Since its incorporation, Carbonia has channeled investments in Spanish companies for a value of 400 million having an objective agreed with Fortress for the next years to increase this investment up to 1,000 million Euros in each and every one of the areas, services and products promoted by Carbonia.